TPAS Background

TurnPark Art Space combines a sculpture park, exhibition venues, and a stone amphitheater for outdoor performances. Conceived and founded by Igor Gomberg and Katya Brezgunova as an art space and a place for exploration for both children and adults, the park showcases contemporary architecture and sculpture at the foot of the Berkshire Mountains.

Situated on 16-acres of a former quarry in the town of West Stockbridge, Massachusetts, TurnPark Art Space boasts a unique and diverse landscape. There are hills, meadows, a lake, and a 65-foot vertical drop offering breath-taking views of the surrounding landscape.

The architectural idea of the TurnPark Art Space project was created by Alexander Konstantinov. The concept and masterplan for the project was developed by Alexander Konstantinov alongside Moscow based architect Ekaterina Vlasenko. Further development and realization of the project resulted from Konstantinov and Vlasenko's collaboration with Massachusetts / New York based AF architecture studio led by Grigori Fateyev. Grigori Fateyev also provided the architectural support and documentation for the construction process.

The landscape and the architecture of the park serve as a backdrop for its sculpture collection. Its natural terrain is divided into upper and lower levels. The design of the lower portion is reminiscent of a town park with a large area paved with marble chip and limestone, that is illuminated at night and filled with small architectural forms. To go from the lower to the upper park, visitors walk through a passage beneath the Gatehouse along the surface of the exposed marble bedrock. The upper park retains the character of meadows and fields with its undulating surfaces and meandering paths. The paths outline several fields, defining the large outdoor spaces that can be experienced as “rooms” or “galleries.” 

The key architectural motif of the buildings and the park is the dialogue between a straight line and a smooth curve. The straight line evokes a conceptual world, a world of rationality, science and mathematics. The curve brings to mind the world of emotions, nature, and the tactile experience of the human body—as reflected in the curvature of the Gatehouse roof and the shape of the Gallery. In addition, the motif of the curved line links back to the hills surrounding the site and dominating the views of the landscape around West Stockbridge.

TurnPark Art Space is home to a unique collection of outdoor sculptures, as well as ongoing art exhibitions and temporary installations. These are augmented by programming of live music, contemporary theatre and performance.

Project Team

Igor Gomberg and Katya Brezgunova

Design Architect / Conceptual Design / Master Plan:
Alexander Konstaninov

Design Architect / Architect of Record:
AF architecture / Grigori Fateyev

Design Architect:
Ekaterina Vlasenko

Initial project development manager: 
Naomi Sherman (Heller)

Marble Masonry and Landscaping Supervision:
Verne Tower

Misha Gomberg

Naomi Blumenthal

Branding/Graphic Design:
Studio RADIA Design

Logo Design:
Ekaterina Voronina

Civil Engineering / Surveying:  
Foresight Land Services, Inc. / Steve Mack

Collaborative Lighting / Adam Kibbe

Mechanical, Electric and Plumbing Engineering:
Hesnor Engineering Associates, PLLC

Structural Engineering:
BECI, Inc. / William Barry

General Contractor:
Allegrone Companies