Alexander Konstantinov / Wandering Rocks
Nazar Bilyk / Rain
TurnPark Art Space / Gatehouse
TurnPark Art Space / Pathways
Vladimir Lemport / Bohr and Einstein sculpture
TurnPark Art Space / Gate House
TurnPark Art Space / View from the Cliff
TurnPark Art Space / Cliff
Uta Bekaia / Inhabitants of Childhood
Gene Montez Flores / Puerto
Vadim Kosmatschof / Heliograph 2
Uta Bekaia / Inhabitants of Childhood
TurnPark Art Space / Gallery
Tom Gold Dance
Nikolai Silis / Don Quixote
Gene Montez Flores / Puerto
TurnPark Art Space / Gate House
Shami Shinogi / Waterfall
Uta Bekaia / Inhabitants of Childhood
Shami Shinogi / Maze
Uta Bekaia/Inhabitants of Childhood, Vadim Kosmatschof / Heliograph 2


TurnPark against war in Ukraine!


TurnPark fundraiser to help Ukraine


TurnPark Annual Summer Festival: Healing Flames (Saturday, June 11th)  will continue our effort to support Ukraine and will be focused on the anti-war message.


Check out this wonderful article in the Berkshire Eagle about TurnPark Summer Festival: Healing Flames!

Read article here


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