Alexander Konstantinov / Wandering Rocks
Nazar Bilyk / Rain
TurnPark Art Space / Gatehouse
TurnPark Art Space / Pathways
Vladimir Lemport / Bohr and Einstein sculpture
TurnPark Art Space / Gate House
TurnPark Art Space / View from the Cliff
TurnPark Art Space / Cliff
Uta Bekaia / Inhabitants of Childhood
Gene Montez Flores / Puerto
Vadim Kosmatschof / Heliograph 2
Uta Bekaia / Inhabitants of Childhood
TurnPark Art Space / Gallery
Tom Gold Dance
Nikolai Silis / Don Quixote
Gene Montez Flores / Puerto
TurnPark Art Space / Gate House
Shami Shinogi / Waterfall
Uta Bekaia / Inhabitants of Childhood
Shami Shinogi / Maze
Uta Bekaia/Inhabitants of Childhood, Vadim Kosmatschof / Heliograph 2

Marble quarry turned sculpture park in the heart of the Berkshires

"An inspired transformation"
The Boston Globe
"...there’s an “Alice in Wonderland” feeling to walking its paths and discovering fantastical art"
The Washington Post


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TurnPark Art Space is a 16-acre sculpture park and art venue for visitors of all ages, located in the Berkshires region of Massachusetts. It features an outdoor sculpture collection, two indoor exhibition spaces, and a marble amphitheater for outdoor performances. TurnPark offers a unique experience of art and nature within the historical context of a former marble and limestone quarry.

TurnPark Art Space is a 501C3 tax exempt nonprofit organization. We need your support.