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June 11, 2022, 4:00pm – 10:00pm


Dear friends, the Annual TurnPark Summer Festival is Saturday, June 11, 2022, 4–10PM!

This year’s theme is Healing Flames.

We will gather together with the intention of bringing peace, serenity, and healing to our exhausted world – to make a fire for warmth, not for war!

As always, our program will include an exciting array of multicultural performances, visual artworks, and music, along with drinks, food by Handcrafted, and activities for kids.

The centerpiece of the Festival will be the firing of Earth & Sky, a large-scale ceramic sculpture by world-renowned ceramist, Estonian-American sculptor Sergei Isupov, who was raised and educated in Kyiv, Ukraine. The festival begins at 4 pm during the hottest part of the firing and continues until the eight foot tall kiln is opened like the petals of a flower while at peak temperature to reveal the fiery glowing sculpture at 10 pm.

Other events of the day-long event include Chingiz Dub, a unique musical and visual experience, led by Sasha Drey. Chingiz Dub mixes traditional Tuvan throat singing with experimental electronic music, intertwining mythological and fairy tale elements with psychedelic trance, costumed performance, and rock concert energy to create a new tincture for the senses.

The visual portion of the Festival will be developed, among others, by Georgian-born multimedia artist Uta Bekaia. In his practice, the New York and Tsibili-based Uta Bekaia engages multiple artistic mediums, creating wearable sculptures and immersive installations, along with costumes, ceramics, and embroideries.

This year's Summer Festival is also a continuation of TurnPark's effort to aid Ukrainian citizens and refugees. Throughout the month of March, TurnPark collected thousands of items from the community shipped to humanitarian organizations working in Ukraine. The Festival will offer opportunities to buy unique merchandise and donate.

In these uncertain times we find inspiration in the words of bell hooks: "When we let our light shine, we draw to us and are drawn to other bearers of light. We are not alone."

We hope you'll join us!

- The TurnPark Team