Konstantin Simun. Faces ‒ Turn Park

“I see art everywhere I look. Sometimes people ask me how I work, and I say: ‘I’m just cleaning the street,’” he said, laughing. “But everything I pick up either is, or becomes, a work of art.”

Konstantin Simun is a famous Russian sculptor living and working in Boston. He is most well known for his large-scale monuments, including "Broken Ring", a monument to the "Road of Life" on Lake Ladoga, near Saint Petersburg, and "Totem America," exhibited for a decade at DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park.

Today his primary art medium is found objects. Simun said the important thing is to “learn how to see” art. And he sees art everywhere: in plastic bottles, recycling bins, milk crates, and discarded briefcases.

Turn Park Art Space is pleased to announce the exhibition of Konstantin Simun “Faces.” It will take place on the grounds of Turn Park from June 1st, 2018 until October 31st, 2018.