ethno jazz, world music, mixed media

Saturday, September 9th 7pm at TurnPark amphitheater


Saturday, September 9th 8:30pm afterparty and open reception


SPLASHES – art exhibition by Alex Rostotsky September 8th-16th

The TurnPark Art Space is pleased to introduce our audience to a fresh, new sound. On September 9th at 7 pm, Alex Rostotsky and his niece, Alina Rostotskaya, will perform a concert in the TurnPark amphitheater.

This concert, which showcases Alex Rostotsky’s album Songs of Lake Victoria and Russian Plains, will provide listeners with a new and ground-breaking musical experience. Alex Rostotsky’s music combines the sound of synthesizers and the themes and melodies of world music and draws on the artist’s academic training grounded in Russian folk music in order to bring audiences his unique musical vision.

Alex Rostotsky is a Russian jazz musician, composer, arranger, and author of a series of original musical projects released under the title The Jazz Bass Theatre (1994) as well as a visual artist of notable originality whose works are housed in museums and private collections in Russia, Europe and Africa.

Projects of Alex Rostotsky expand the frontiers of traditional jazz: he has never been afraid to experiment. Working in the innovative ethno-fusion style and the genre’s inclusive embrace of diverse cultures brings him the greatest satisfaction.